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clan of the shirt ninja!'s Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in clan of the shirt ninja!'s LiveJournal:

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
1:09 am

theninjaacademy Help ninjas take over the world.
Sunday, April 11th, 2004
3:23 pm
Hello...I'm new here -waves-

Can anyone explain to me what a sais is? i heard it is some kind of blade(dunno for sure), but its also my last name, which is kinda weird.

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, March 13th, 2004
4:27 pm
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
12:10 pm
Pirates need not apply

So here's my question... post this link to the ninjasvspirates forum, or not?
Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
11:41 pm
Thursday, July 31st, 2003
10:07 am
greetings, shirt ninja-san!

welcome to the home of the shirt ninja clan!
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